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Sergio Bellin


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Leaf is the seat that improves your day. Breathable and ergonomic, Leaf ensures comfort, reducing fatigue. A product characterised by innovative colours and materials, that easily adapts to any functional and aesthetic need: always respecting the environment.

Leaf is conceived as functional and aesthetically pleasant chair. The back in polyamide is characterised by an elegant leaf pattern, embossed on the back. The back upholstery instead, consists of a particular technical padding made in fabric combined to a highly-elastic expanded elastomer, perfectly adherent to the user, ensuring comfort. The back technical padding is characterised by three different geometric patterns obtained through thermo-moulding. The air chamber created between the back structure and padding confers instead optimal breathability.

Leaf features a lumbar support adjustable in height and depth. A spring system allows in fact to adapt the seat to the support needs of its user. The lumbar support ensures proper support at the base of the spine, reducing fatigue due to extended sitting times.

Leaf features a synchro mechanism that regulates the seat and back angle, locking it in 5 positions with anti-shock system. The tilt tension can be adjusted by a practical side handle, according to the user’s weight.

Leaf seat moves in tune with its user. Adjustable in depth and lockable in the desired position, Leaf seat follows the user’s movements in the „free” option activated with the second locking position of the adjusting lever.

Leaf comfort is also guaranteed by the wide and thick seat (75mm) with pad in flexible polyurethane. The side stitching of the upholstery enhance the seat silhouette.

Different types of armrests, bases and casters offer the possibility to choose the most suitable version for your needs.


LEAF has achieved GREENGUARD Certification.
The products certified GREENGUARD ensure a low level of chemical emissions, therefore a better quality of air in those places where they are used.
For more information on GREENGUARD, visit the official web site ul.com/gg or contact us at info@sitland.com



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